New Trends in Hematology 2021

Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted to continue New Trends in Hematology meetings, which has contributed significantly to the Hematology of our country for fourteen years. NTH meetings reflect objectively the latest updates in the American Society of Hematology annual meetings held in December every year to the Hematologists of our country in February.

We will have to hold our meeting in a virtual format due to the pandemic that we are experiencing this year, However, as always, we had the chance to prepare a program with a high scientific standard, without any loss from the internationally renowned invited speakers. This year we have introduced a discussion part at the end of each session, by adding this part, we aimed to comment on how the developments contributed to that field.

I am grateful to the board of Experimental Hematology Association, who have contributed this meeting, which includes all malignant and benign issues of hematology, and to the pharmaceutical industry authorities for their incredible support. I would also like to thank Red and More Events for providing the organization services. I would like to thank all the speakers, session moderators, debaters, sector representatives and participants who will raise the standard of our meeting with their participation and contribution.

Best Regards,

Prof. Dr. Burhan Ferhanoğlu